Reduce Stress with Movement

Reduce Stress with Movement

Health and wellness are a lifelong journey that go hand-in-hand. As we age, it is important that we stay active to keep our minds and bodies healthy. While growing older naturally increases our chances of developing a wide range of health conditions, by keeping our bodies moving, we can lower our risk of physical health ailments as well as maintain positive mental health. 

While the way in which we exercise can change as we get older, experts recommend that older adults engage in moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes five days a week, and muscle-strengthening activities for two or more days a week that work all major muscle groups.

There are a myriad of reasons to incorporate a mix of aerobic activities and endurance exercises into your daily routine. Aerobic training such as walking and strength training provide assistance with weight control and can reduce inflammation, and are great natural stress relieving activities.

Outdoor Walks

One of the most common forms of exercise is walking, as it requires no additional equipment or cost, and can be done anywhere. While it is popular among individuals attempting to lose weight, walking offers many additional benefits beyond weight loss, including enhanced mental health and clarity. Incorporating a walking program into your daily routine is a great way to lose or maintain a healthy weight, as well as relieve stress naturally.

Benefits of Outdoor Walks Enhances mental health and clarity Helps with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight Can reduce risk of coronary heart disease Boosts immune function and energy Can promote creativity Eases joint pain

Strength Training

While some might envision a setting with a bench press and free weights, you don’t have to be in the gym to take part in strength/resistance training. In fact, this type of exercise is for everyone, and offers many benefits to your overall health and wellness.

Benefits of Strength Training Reduces pain and stiffness, and increases strength and flexibility Builds bone density and reduces risk for falls Improves glycemic control Strengthens back and abdominal muscles to reduce stress on the spine Reduces cardiovascular risk by improving lipid profile and overall fitness Increases metabolism, which helps burn more calories and helps with long-term weight control

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