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  • Is the Executive Health Exam only for executives? expand_more

    The Executive Health Exam is for anyone looking for a personalized in-depth analysis of your current health, disease detection and prevention, or those looking to set goals for a healthy lifestyle.

  • What is the difference between an Executive Health exam and an annual physical offered through my primary care physician? expand_more

    We provide a variety of tests in one day at our facility to eliminate traveling to various locations. Our physical examination includes In-depth diagnostic testing, nutritional and fitness evaluation, and quality face time with a top-ranked Hoag physician and care team, allowing for a complete analysis of your current health state with an actionable roadmap towards your wellness goals.

  • What happens during my exam? expand_more

    On the day of your exam, you will have a dedicated care team guiding you through the entire process and diagnostic testing. Breakfast and lunch will be provided thought the day in your dedicated private lounge. We will give a detailed itinerary with instructions to help you prepare for the exam.

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  • How long will the exam take? expand_more

    The Executive Health Exam will last approximately 4.5 hours. We have start times at 8 AM and 10 AM.

  • If I get an Executive Health physical, can you be my primary care physician? expand_more

    Yes, after your exam, you can inquire about our Concierge Program. Our member services team will be able to answer all questions you may have regarding primary care services.

  • Will my medical information from my physical be shared with my employer? expand_more

    No, we do not share your information with anyone without your written consent and authorization.

  • How do I get my exam results? expand_more

    You will have a 45 – 60 minute follow-up discussion with your physician reviewing your results and findings. This is also an opportunity to answer any final questions you may have and finalize the health goals outlined in your roadmap. These appointments can be done over the phone, via video or in person.

Hoag Executive Health Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers, and Health Coaches in our on-site gym.
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Working with Insurance
  • Does Insurance Cover My Exam? expand_more

    Our Executive Health program does not participate in any insurance plan. The exam is an out-of-pocket cost. For more information on corporate-employer pricing, please give us a call.

  • I have a PPO, Medicare or EPO Plan expand_more

    Unfortunately, Hoag Executive Health does not participate in any insurance plan. However, Hoag Concierge Medicine accepts PPO, Medicare, and most EPO insurance plans.

  • I have an HMO Plan expand_more
    Unfortunately, Hoag Executive Health and Hoag Concierge Medicine do not participate in any HMO plans.

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