Nutrition and Heart Health

Nutrition and Heart Health

February is Heart Month, and it is important to talk about all of the areas of our life that influence our heart health. This includes diet, which is a very important pillar of overall health and wellness.

Heart Disease

What we put in our bodies matters, as it directly affects all of our bodies systems and their functioning, including our cardiovascular system. As heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, it is essential that we take the right steps to reduce our risk and set our hearts up for a happy and healthy life.

How Diet Affects Heart Health

The prevention and management of conditions such as cardiovascular disease can be helped significantly through our diet. Making sure you are having balanced meals and healthful snacks throughout the day is essential, as this sustenance is what fuels our body. 

There are certain foods you should consider adding to your diet if they are not already part of it, including leafy greens, berries, and flax seeds. Work with an expert to find out how to incorporate foods that will be of benefit to your heart and overall health!

Assess Your Heart Health

Hoag Executive Health is here and ready to help you gain the insight into your health that you deserve. Our comprehensive, one-day examinations include a heart and circulation assessment as well as a nutrition consultation to help guide your personal care goals. 

Achieving and maintaining optimal overall health is just a call away. Contact Hoag Executive Health today at (949) 202-4923!

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