Executive Health Mindset – The 360 Wellness Difference

Executive Health Mindset – The 360 Wellness Difference

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself.” Prioritizing and managing one’s health is a key part of this timeless adage. Your health is personal to you, and your care should be as well. This is where we come in. 


Hoag Executive Health is pleased to offer our 360 Wellness Physical as a comprehensive and efficient way to measure, manage, and maintain your health. 

What all is included?

During just one visit, our team of board-certified physicians and exercise physiologists will perform a series of comprehensive examinations to gain a broad understanding of your baseline health. We use advanced technology to assess the following physical and physiological components:

This one-day comprehensive exam assesses the following components: Brain and Nerves Heart and Circulation Lungs and Breathing Stomach and Gastrointestinal Blood and Immunity Hormones and Gland Muscle and Bone Kidney and Urogenital

What comes next?

Once we have completed the examinations and evaluated the results, we work with you to put together an individualized plan of care. As your journey to elevated health and wellness is ongoing, we sit down to define your goals and provide you with a curated set of actionable steps that will help you reach them. 

How does it compare?

Hoag Executive Health’s 360 Wellness Physical goes beyond the standard to elevate the state of your health and wellness. Here is how our executive health exam compares to the yearly check-up you might be used to with your Primary Care Provider: HEH 360 Wellness Exam

Time spent on your health is time well spent. Our team takes pride in being able to share that time with you. If you are ready to gain more insight into your health than ever, contact us today to schedule your 360 Wellness Physical. 

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