360 Wellness Exam & Executive Physical – What’s the Difference?

360 Wellness Exam & Executive Physical – What’s the Difference?

Hoag Executive Health’s comprehensive medical examinations give you the most efficient solution to measure, manage, and maintain your health. All in one day. All in one place.

Consider us your partners in health and wellness. Whichever Executive Health Assessment you decide to schedule- the 360 Wellness Exam or the Executive Physical- you can count on optimal results. At Hoag Executive Health, we know that your health is personal, so it is our commitment to provide you with tailored solutions that will address your individual needs. 

What’s the difference between the two exams?

360 Wellness Exam & Executive Physical

What comes next?

Whichever health screening exam you decide is best for you, our plan for what comes after remains the same. Once our team of professionals have completed your examinations and evaluated the results, they will work alongside you to create an individualized plan of care. To ensure you feel both in charge and understanding of the plan, we will sit down to discuss what your baseline currently looks like, and where you want to go from there. Together we will define your goals and provide you with a curated roadmap of actionable steps that will help you reach them. 

Hoag Executive Health understands that maintaining optimal health takes work. We are here to help. Schedule your executive health exam today!

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