Corporate Health Solutions: An Elevated Healthcare Experience

Corporate Health Solutions: An Elevated Healthcare Experience

With a wide variety of corporate health services, Hoag Executive Health is the premiere solution for C-suite and executive physicals. Treat your executives to a comprehensive health experience that provides more insight into their health than ever before. 

Executive Health Screening

Our executive health program offers many screenings and exams that cater to individuals and large corporate teams. The executive physical is the most popular service used by employers looking to expand their benefits package. 

Some executive health  programs will send you for labs, imaging, or other services at different suite numbers or even entirely different buildings. Hoag’s Executive Health team keeps it simple for you. A concierge staff member guides you through each part of your day with the team. Your results are discussed thoroughly and you are provided with more insight into your health than traditional healthcare can provide. 

Other Corporate Health Solutions

Hoag Executive Health’s range of corporate health solutions is not limited to in-office services. There are several on-site services like vaccine administration, worksite clinics, and other executive health screenings. Exercise physiologists assist the physicians in providing education to corporate teams and companies interested in employee health and wellness training, workplace injury prevention, and work hardening. 

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Over the decades, companies have learned that as the demands on their executives grow more intense, attending to leaders’ health becomes paramount. By offering Hoag’s personalized and efficient program, forward-thinking companies are able to attract and retain top talent and ultimately lower their health care costs. We have the expertise and resources to design a program customized for you. Discover how Hoag Executive Health can help provide executive wellness and move your business forward! Call us today at (949) 202-4923.

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