What is the Fitness Evaluation?

What is the Fitness Evaluation?

Fitness is an incredibly important component to overall health. Exercising regularly in the way that is best for your body is an excellent way to take a preventative approach to a lot of common diseases, like cardiovascular disease. The best way to know what’s best for your body? Visiting Hoag Executive Health!

A foundational part of the time and location-efficient comprehensive physicals we offer is the fitness evaluation.

Get Physical With Your Physical

Someone coming through the Hoag Executive Health program can expect to undergo a total fitness assessment as part of their comprehensive physical. The fitness assessment is an opportunity for our exercise physiologists to determine a patient’s areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. 

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During this comprehensive assessment, we use state-of-the-art technology that’s located in our in-house fitness facilities to measure cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance (both upper and lower body), and injury prevention through certain things such as posture screening and visual movement analysis.

Why is getting a fitness evaluation important? 

The fitness portion of the exam is essentially looking at how you move. This is an opportunity for our exercise physiologists to look at injury prevention or areas for improvement such as flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular reserve. Our goal is to help patients optimize their fitness and performance in the way that works best for their body.

If there are any compensatory patterns in the way that you move, the findings from the fitness portion inform your dedicated care team on how to design a program that is best suited for you. This might include incorporating corrective exercises or stretches as a part of your daily routine. If you are sitting at a desk for long periods of time, our Exercise Physiologists will guide you on things you can do at your desk that will keep you active and pain free.

Reaching Peak Performance

Fitness is a crucial health category – one that typically gets overlooked in traditional physicals, but can have significant effects on outcomes for an individual’s overall health. 

Here at Hoag Executive Health, we like to focus on the individual, and every individual has their own unique needs. That is why we customize an assessment process that meets the individual needs of our clients. Take control of your health by calling us today at (949) 202-4923 to learn more!

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