Plant-Based Meat

Plant-Based Meat

Diets incorporating plant-based whole foods are usually recommended by physicians, but in recent years we have seen an increase in plant-based processed foods like hamburger patties and fried chicken. So are plant-based meats healthy?

What Is Plant Based Meat?

Plant-based meat is a type of meat that does not come from animals. It’s made from plants like soybeans, wheat, peas, beets, or mushrooms. Some people choose to eat plant-based meat because it fits their lifestyle and environmental views. Some consider it healthier than traditional meat because it doesn’t have the same amount of saturated fat or cholesterol as traditional meats do.

There are many benefits to eating plant-based meals including: reducing your risk for heart disease; lowering your risk for cancer; giving you more energy; and helping you meet your weight loss goals. But, with processed foods, there may be chemical additives like preservatives.

What Chemicals Are In Plant-Based Meat?

Some plant-based meats can have chemicals that you may want to be aware of. Here are 5 common ingredients to look for: 

  • Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ): synthetic preservative 
  • Magnesium carbonate: for color retention
  • Erythosine (Red #3): artificial food coloring
  • Propylene glycol: moisturizer
  • Ferric orthophosphate (iron phosphate): chemical used to fortify foods

Is A Plant-Based Diet Right For You?

Hoag Executive Health’s team is here to answer your questions and create your personalized nutrition plan. We can help determine a custom nutrition plan to guide you on your path to wellness. We make it simple for you and your family to achieve your health goals. Our comprehensive physical exams and testing can give you more insight into your health than you’ve ever had before. If you’re ready to be proactive in your wellness journey, click here or call us today at 949-999-9300!

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