A Walk Through of the Nutrition Consultation

A Walk Through of the Nutrition Consultation

As part of our executive physicals, clients have a designated time where they can discuss nutritional behaviors with our team of exercise physiologists. No fancy technology or gadgets, just open and honest conversation that allows for the client to be understood and heard. 

Your Hoag Executive Health physician will look at what a typical breakfast, lunch, dinner looks like as well as at the labs you have done in conjunction. 

The task of our wellness team is to match the needs seen from the recently taken lab work, with actionable goals that are based on the current nutritional behaviors of the client. The result of this consultation and lab work are targeted with specific suggestions that can be put into place immediately.

An Informed Care Plan

These suggestions are explained in the corresponding follow up report along with supplemental educational materials that assist our clients in understanding how these changes can have positive effects on their overall health and reduce risk of certain medical conditions.

For example, if labs reveal that glucose is elevated or a1c is elevated, your physician will work on trying to get portion size down, consumption of refined carbs reduced, and increase intake of fiber to prevent prediabetes or diabetes, or improve these conditions if they are preexisting.

Importance of Dietetic Consultation

Dietetic consultations for adults are effective for improvement in diet quality, diabetes outcomes (including blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin values), and weight loss outcomes (eg, changes in weight and waist circumference) and to limit gestational weight gain.

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A Hoag Executive Health physical offers objective insight into a patient’s baseline health. This means the patient gains a real understanding of what changes need to be made- or what is working well!

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