Reinforcing a Culture of Wellbeing Through Annual Physical Exams

Reinforcing a Culture of Wellbeing Through Annual Physical Exams

Reminding your employees, including those in the c-suite, about their health benefits as part of their Total Rewards is a great opportunity to reinforce a culture of wellbeing. A healthy workforce is productive and engaged – something every employer is striving to achieve.

According to Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends report, “thriving employees are seven times more likely to work for a company that prioritizes employee wellbeing.”

Let the data be your guide

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employees’ mental and physical health is becoming more widely known through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their data reveals overall, health-related absenteeism is higher in 2022 than in years past.

Now more than ever, employers are navigating an increasingly complex business environment and need to partner with their leadership on communicating why taking care of one’s health is vital.

Some companies are even adding wellbeing to their corporate dashboards. Gallup shares, “Wellbeing can be measured in a scientifically valid way, and it can be correlated with performance outcomes. When leaders have a finger on the pulse of their employees’ wellbeing, they can identify potential hot spots, discover best practices and validate that wellbeing initiatives are actually making a difference.”

Collaboration is essential to driving awareness and use of executive health benefits

Establishing goals and having a clear vision for a culture of wellbeing is an excellent first step to get leader buy-in. Next, it takes intentional, repeat engagement to inspire action. We’d like to offer some tips for driving greater awareness and use of executive health benefits within your organization:

  • Invite Hoag Executive Health or your benefits broker to a future leadership meeting to discuss specific benefits like annual physical exams
  • Partner with your Communications department to develop a targeted email campaign reminding leaders about the importance of their health and influence on the business’ performance throughout the year
  • Recognize leaders and employees who opt-in to completing certain healthcare activities like a physical by a specific time of the year.
  • Share meaningful stories that can create influence throughout the company and contribute to an authentic culture of wellbeing

Extra Support for Busy Leaders

With a greater reliance on telehealth services over the last few years, many leaders may have forgotten or postponed taking advantage of certain company benefits like an annual physical.

Human Resources leaders can encourage their company’s leadership team to schedule and complete their executive physical exam as a way to provide them with extra support to end the year strong. With the holidays and year-end corporate activities piling up, leaders can become more stressed which may increase their likelihood of becoming sick or developing a chronic condition. As a person experiences more stress over longer periods of time, the body has a harder time fighting inflammation which is a leading cause of illness.

The team at Hoag Executive Health is dedicated to educating and helping patients understand their medical state and collaborating with them to discuss their care options. Guided by a personal concierge, all exams are performed by our team, which includes board-certified physicians, and take place at our state-of-the-art facilities in Orange County, California. Upon completion of the exam, the physician meets with the individual to review a personalized health roadmap designed to provide actionable steps to reach the desired health goals.

Getting a comprehensive physical exam is easy and doesn’t have to take a lot of time, click here to view a sample schedule.

If you’re an employer looking to explore how to add Hoag Corporate Health benefits to your company’s executive or overall benefits offering, please connect with us.

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