Steven Nemirov

Steven Nemirov, DO


Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine

Growing up in Queens, New York, Dr. Nemirov has been in private practice in California for over 30 years. He chose to make the move to California after finishing his medical residency at Yale.  When away from the office. he can be found exploring the local trails,  mountain biking, hiking, woodworking, traveling, playing sports and enjoying gourmet cuisine.  Staying abreast on the latest research about fitness and nutrition plays a significant role in both his personal and professional life.  He strongly believes that you should “Practice what you preach”.


Take the time to carefully think about your health and well-being. Do you have healthy habits?  Do you give yourself time to relax and enjoy life?   What are some things you can change?  What do you need help with?

In my view, maintaining your overall wellness is an ongoing challenge and your physician serves as your resource and partner. I encourage you to consult your physician and to be comfortable discussing any health-related issues with them. Great things can be achieved through a successful partnership.


Knowing that over 70% of illnesses are caused by poor lifestyle habits, I take the time to thoroughly evaluate my patients beyond the basic physical. I look at their work/life balance, dietary intake, exercise habits and how they are coping with situational stress. This allows me to tailor a plan to help them adjust to whatever obstacles they face throughout the aging process.

With the goal of helping my patients realize what they need to do maintain both their physical and mental health, I am always looking for new practices that focus on “health span” and longevity.  By integrating recent research and discoveries into my practice, this allows me to offer the best care to my patients.


I’ve had the pleasure of practicing long enough to realize the importance of a trusting patient/physician relationship.  I consider it a privilege to provide care for my patients and it is a responsibility I do not take lightly.  I focus on collaboration and shared decision-making because in my experience, it always yields the best results.

Your Dedicated Care Team

Get to know the team you’ll be working with throughout the course of your Executive Physical. We look forward to providing you with an individualized approach to achieving and maintaining good health.

Melanie Wilson LVN

Melanie Wilson will assist with test results, coordination of care, prescription refills and more.

Vanessa Segura

Vanessa Segura

Vanessa Segura will help coordinate Executive Health Exam scheduling and day-of appointment questions.

Exercise Physiology Team

Exercise Physiology Team

Work with any member of our Exercise Physiology team on your nutrition and fitness goals.