Amit Hiteshi

Amit K. Hiteshi, MD


Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Medical Director for Senior Center in Central Park, Huntington Beach
Helm’s Institute Certification for Auricular Acupuncture
Institute of Functional Medicine Certification (in progress)
Mount Sinai, New York Residency
Maharishi Ayurveda Association of America Certification (in progress)

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So much of our physical state of being is rooted in our mental state. If we can ensure time in our routine for mindfulness-based practices, we may be able to replace some medications with meditation. 


Listening is the key to helping my patients. The diagnosis is hidden in the intricate details that a patient shares with me, and I provide a safe and trustworthy space where my patients can communicate with me freely. I understand that each patient is uniquely influenced by their genetics, past experiences, and current environment, and I use this information to partner with and guide them in a way that resonates with their personal philosophies. 


I believe that while modern medicine excels in treating acute conditions, we can benefit by tapping into knowledge from alternative medicine to guide preventative care. I practice an integrative approach that blends the best of all available medical solutions, be it rooted in Eastern or Western medicine.


At a young age, after being hospitalized for recurrent asthma attacks that were treated with potent medications, my family sought care under a pediatrician with a different approach. Although it was challenging to revamp my way of living as a child, these changes ultimately resulted in eliminating medications. This experience showed me the immense power of lifestyle medicine and empowered me to take control of my well-being. I try to bring this perspective and sense of empowerment to my patients. 

Dr. Hiteshi with Patient

"With some long lost skills, like listening, taking time to get to know the whole patient, humble approach to health care, can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Hiteshi and his amazing staff."

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Nicole Green

Nicole Green

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Vanessa Segura

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Exercise Physiology Team

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