Strategic Advantages of Annual Executive Physical Exams

Strategic Advantages of Annual Executive Physical Exams

Companies have been busier than ever addressing the needs of their workforce. As society continues to navigate a new way to work post-pandemic, Human Resources teams are hyper-focused on talent retention and recruitment strategies. As we approach year-end, now is a great time for benefits consultants to reach out to employers to remind them of the advantages of annual physical exams through Hoag Executive Health.

A comprehensive benefits package can be an important differentiator when trying to help a candidate choose one employer over another or influence an employee to stay with their current employer. Employees are looking for companies that have a robust Total Rewards offering that keep the whole person in mind. Employers who go above and beyond to provide personalized healthcare options, especially for highly sought out leadership positions, can gain a competitive edge.

Helping Employers Save Costs

A healthier workforce can also contribute to significant cost savings due to reduced worker absenteeism. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s data shows some of the highest rates of workers calling out sick in years. While majority of the data has been influenced by those with COVID-19, we also know that many people have postponed important doctor appointments, like physical exams, which can lead to preventative care. By supporting a culture of wellbeing and encouraging employers to remind their leaders to get their physical exam, brokers can help illustrate the impact of absenteeism on a business’ performance.

Addressing Burnout with Solutions

Additionally, employers are experiencing higher rates of leader burnout which is contributing to increased attrition numbers. It is a long and expensive process to replace a leader within an organization, so it is in an employer’s best interest to be vigilant about how they support their leadership team – having a wellbeing plan is becoming top of mind for HR-benefit teams and brokers can be part of the solution. Benefits consultants can empower their clients by reminding them that the physical exams through Hoag Executive Health are specifically created to help time-challenged leaders. They will receive customized care options for their busy lifestyle from world-class physicians.

Now is the time to help your clients become better informed about the solutions you offer through Hoag Executive Health. Something as simple as executive physical exams can be the difference maker between a leader in your client’s organization being able to end the year with peace of mind and confidence to go into 2023 with a care plan and team they can trust.

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